Saturday, October 9, 2010

Maegwin does it by herself

in the jumperoo
Oh hi! Maegwin here! Mommy has been so busy working and working that she is letting me show you all the amazing things I can do.

Daddy and I like to share nectarines and one day I took it and ate it all by myself. See, what you have to do is grab it and it's best to scare it into submission.
I'm gonna get you, nectarine
Next you can bite into it and enjoy its juicy goodness.
They are pretty neat if you look inside of them.
Hm what is inside here
Settle in for the long haul, they take a while to eat if you are a baby.
I also learned how to drive the car. I could use the turn signal and everything!
I'm driving!
Make sure to put your hands at the 10 and 2 position and have Daddy nearby to push the pedals for you.
Hands at 10 and 2
Oh yeah, I can also use a spoon to feed myself. It's pretty easy though sometimes I like to turn it upside down more than the other way. Grammy made me the sweater I'm wearing and I love it. It keeps me so warm!
yummy spoon
I've been pulling myself up to standing and now I can take steps if I hold onto someone. It's really exciting!

That's all for now! I think Mommy will write about our trip later.

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  1. That was a super adorable post! Maegwin has really good grammar for a baby...