Friday, April 25, 2014

The Waiting Game

So we are playing the waiting game and I have to admit to not doing it very well.  I am crampy, not walking around well, and just testy today.  I think the rain and greyness is not helping the situation.  I decided to work from home today because the thought of getting dressed up and limping around to get to the bathroom as well as the long walks around the building just had no charm for me.

We had an ultrasound for size on Tuesday and they estimate baby J is about 8 lbs 13 oz right now-though they can be off by as much as 10% with the late term ultrasounds so he might be smaller...or bigger.  He was head down at least but free floating and apparently happy as a clam to stay in there.  I have to say, ultrasounds of babies at this point look really weird.  Josh said he looked like Slimer from Ghostbusters but they told us he was smooshing up his own face and he was perfectly fine.  I do admit I had a nightmare that night about taking a dose of cold medicine before realizing it had an ingredient in it I wasn't supposed to take and that I was so sad I made our baby not cute.  Pregnancy hormones are weird!  So anyway, the doctor said for now we wait and recheck on Tuesday to see if there is any dilating at all and if so we can help things along.  Otherwise, we are looking at a scheduled induction on May 5th at the latest.

Anyway, as I said I'm cranky about it-so on to better subjects!  We had a visit from Grandpa Kevin and Maegwin had a blast!  She helped with cleaning in anticipation of his arrival:

And had so much fun playing while he was here.  I didn't get a lot of pictures because honestly I was kind of enjoying the break.  My energy level just hasn't been up to it which makes me sad sometimes but I hope she understands.
Josh also found a Dad's group in the area and we've gone to a few things with them.  Hoping that pans out-they all seem very nice.  The first thing we did is they had a family day where they went to the butterfly exhibit at the conservatory.  We have gone each year for three years now and Maegwin loves it.  She instantly took to one of the little girls and grabbed her hand and led her all around.
This was my favorite picture that I took that day.  The lighting turned out just right.
It was nice to see the orchids on display still too.  They have a retired orchid sale every year that I go to but this year we went the weekend before so they were still out.  We went back on the following Saturday just to get orchids and picked up a ton.  Our house is a little bit plant crazy right now.  I volunteered with my work at the conservatory on Friday and they were having me and two other people put together new felt display walls.  They were just going to have us compost the anthurium, bird's nest ferns, and some other tropical plants.  I asked if I could take them home because all of the plants were still so healthy and they said sure.  So we have a ton of them but I love having plants in the house again.  Also, my miltonia orchid that I got last year has a bud on it.  I'm looking forward to seeing it bloom.  Since I have no idea what color it is, it will be a fun surprise.

The ladies in my Ravelry group Itty Bitty Knits got together and organized a virtual baby shower and gifts have been arriving here and there in the mail. It's so fun to see them and I am blown away by the generosity and creativity of the group.  They are all so sweet!
Just a sampling above, but see what I mean?

I've also finished up some knitting lately.  For my friend Mary I made a pair of socks to thank her for letting me use her maternity clothes.  That was so amazing of her and I'd have had to spend so much to make up for donating mine without her generosity.
She said they fit well.  I texted her husband to get her shoe size and favorite color so I could surprise her.  :)

I also did a pair of socks for Maegwin.  They were going to be pink and purple but she insisted they needed yellow also.
She put them in the bag we packed for when she goes to stay with Mom while we are in the hospital.  She said "just in case I have a sock emergency, I will need socks."  That's my girl!  She loved them so much she wore just the one around the house for a day (that's why it is noticeably dustier) and as soon as I cast the second off she wore the pair to bed.

Another item I finished was this shawl for my swap partner in the Rainbow theme swap from my Itty Bitty Knits group.
I made one of these for Josh's grandma at Christmas and liked the pattern so I knit this with a heavier weight yarn to go a bit faster.  It was some yarn I got in a stash dive from my mom's knitting group.  I still have I think enough skeins to do a summer top for me out of it.

My last item I finished this morning at about 4:30 am.  Not sleeping well-again the crankiness...
This is the first knitted item I've completed for baby Josh.  I told him that he can come out now.  I promise him awesome stuff if he does.  Bribery is not winning so far.  More updates to come as we find out next week!