Saturday, July 20, 2013

It's like a heatwave!

I am always shocked when I realize how long it has been since I posted.  I don't mean to stay away so long, I really don't.  For those who wait with bated breath for my posts (who am I kidding...there really isn't anyone who does-LOL), I sincerely apologize.  Things are going fairly well at work.  We wound down the fiscal year and I had to put in some extra hours since my team isn't fully staffed up yet but still nothing like in my old department so I am happy.  If I didn't live so darned far away it wouldn't matter as much.  Sometimes the prospect of a 35-40 minute commute after working late just adds that extra touch of soul sucking doom to a day.  I know, I've gone soft.  I used to commute that long everyday but I rode BART.  I could knit...and knitting as you all know is really what keeps me from flipping out.  It is my anchor to calm. On that note, I have a few things to share!

I whipped up this wee strawberry hat for my friend Angie who is due any day now.  She was thrilled!  Her first baby I made a hat but missed getting it to her by mere days.  By the time I saw her, baby Jack's noggin was already too large.  This time around I wisely made a 0-6 month size so I hope she gets more use out of it than as a nursery decoration.


Next up, not necessarily a knitted thing but a knitting friend.  Jessica, the lovely Monkeybuttbabies on Ravelry and designer of the Go Bananas hoodie and tons of other cute stuff, came out to TNNA and I got the chance to meet her after years of knowing her from Ravelry.  She was just as sweet in person and we had a lovely time.


Mom and Maegwin went with me and Maegwin called it "ladies who lunch" and kept asking "Is this ladies who lunch?"  It was so cute!  She had tons of energy and pretended to be a bunny while we waited for our table.  We made it there just in time before the Pride parade finished up and the restaurants got inundated.  Our wait would have been crazy long!


This fabulous Dalek washcloth went to my friend Mel in Australia.  She can use it to EX-FOLI-ATE.  hehehe  Sorry, nerd humor


We had a spring flowers theme swap on my Itty Bitty Knitters board on Ravelry and I sent out this little package with a hand knit grape hyacinth and one of my cards I made.  I was rather proud of how the flower turned out though it was a huge pain in the rear.  I hate bobbles.  Let me repeat that-I HATE BOBBLES.  They hurt my hands and are always a bit askew which rankles my perfectionist sensibilities.  I did think the result here was pretty fabulous though.


I think that's about it.  The knitting on my stripey sweater continues though I ripped it ALL out and restarted with a new pattern because the one I was using was only written in one size and that size was not mine.  I tried to do some math but it just wasn't working out so I took the easy way out and found one with better sizing.  It is Georgia for those so inclined to go look.  Just imagine it in cream colored angora and lovely self striping yarn of this color.  I'm down past the sleeves again but doing a row takes me 15 minutes or so.  To those who have seen me knit you know this means there are a ton of stitches across.  Darn you fingering weight sweaters!  If you didn't look so good I would swear you off forever.

I'm going to keep this one short and sweet since I've been up for several hours now and it's only six a.m.  I can't say that my brain is functioning at its height of verbosity.