Monday, December 20, 2010

One year old

Yesterday was Maegwin's birthday and she is now officially big stuff at one year old.  We had a small celebration with some family but it's really been a week of celebrating.  All the great aunts and uncles and great grandparents have been sending gifts so we've had no end of things to open.
Maegwin looked at all the tags.
checking out the presents
She thoughtfully gave one to me to open.
here Mommy you open one
She's still working on figuring out how to rip the paper off.  Maybe she will become an unwrapper like her Mommy.
oh my gosh
She was so amazed that things were actually inside the boxes.
what is this
We love seeing her get so excited about her new toys.
ooh a shape sorter
Gone are the days when she won't smile for the camera.  It's so cute how her whole face lights up.
ooh groceries
I wonder if as she gets older she'll feel bad cramming everything into one part of the year.  Maybe we can have an un-birthday pool party in July when she is older.

Finally the time was upon us to celebrate in style.  Maegwin took a monster nap in the morning to prepare for her big day.  She helped decorate cupcakes, insisting that there can never be too many sprinkles.
we need more sprinkles
Then she waited patiently as the cupcake came towards her, beckoning with her wee hands.
She thoroughly enjoyed having her own fire to look at.
ooh candles
her own personal fire
She blew out the candle (with a little help from Daddy).
Then the carrot cake eating commenced.
We checked out the icing and agreed it was a good consistency.
Forget hands, faces are much easier.
forget using hands
Cupcakes-for the discerning baby gourmand.
cupcakes for the discerning baby
We opened some presents.
more puzzles
Then we went to a really great restaurant called Northstar Cafe. They do all locally sourced and organic ingredients. I have to say it was one of the best vegetarian meals I have had since moving here. All in all it was a great first birthday.

Today we had our 12 month well baby check up and got five shots. Maegwin was so brave! She now weighs 19 lbs 8 ounces and is 31.5 inches long. She is still off the charts on height and very skinny. Next time, one from Maegwin!